In brief

Personalized airport services from a to z

The Chairman and the Management. From left: O.J. Matthey, T. Brodbeck, P.W. Jenning, R. Sutter, A. Berchtold

Strength and continuity through family roots
CGS has been a byword for flexible and individualized airport services solutions for almost 50 years now. CGS’s owner Perry W. Jenning took the company over from his father and is still actively involved as Chairman of the Board today. And long-serving Managing Director Thomas Brodbeck and his team devote their energies and enthusiasm day in, day out to ensuring that this friendly family firm continues to successfully hold its own within the competitive global aviation industry. With its independence, its trustworthiness and its professional expertise.

Our vision and our mission
Our goals at CGS are clear and simple: to be the most valued service company at Zurich, Geneva and Basel airports for travellers, customers and further business partners. We see that value in our consistency, our adaptability, our flexibility and our reliability. In the CGS philosophy the customer is clearly centrestage. And with our professionalism, our efficiency and our keen innovative flair, we’re constantly realigning our service portfolio to our customers’ ever-changing needs.

Our philosophy and our values
At CGS we’re never content to rest on our laurels. We’re constantly seeking new horizons, too: personally and individually, and always ensuring that our existing long-standing customers continue to enjoy the highest service quality. It’s our innovative and professional solutions, devised and refined together with our various airport partners, that make us stand out from the rest, and will ensure that CGS remains a leader in its market in the months and years ahead.

Facts and Figures

Sometimes a number is worth a thousand words.

Small but select: that’s CGS. But here are a few impressive statistics on our company and its operations:



from 47 nations and with 30 languages



entrust CGS with some 10,000 flights



for special groups, children and travellers with reduced mobility



correctly, safely and securely handled



cleaned and prepared for their next flight

(All figures are annual volumes as of October 2016.)


Key events in our history to date

careport AG (a joint venture between CGS and Swissport) opens a totally new Business and First Class Lounge in Zurich Airport’s Terminal E. CGS thus now manages three Aspire Lounges via the careport venture.

CGS’s unit launches a new web portal permitting the simple booking of business and leisure travel arrangements. Inquiries can be made via the web or by email to

> 1971-2014

CGS intensifies its involvement in the provision of temporary staff, concluding major contracts with Swissport and Airport Zurich under which both will receive staffing support from CGS NewCo.

Two landmark developments at EuroAirport Basel. CGS wins a tender to provide PRM services for the next three years. At the same time, the new Accord de Méthode enters into effect for employment contracts in the airport’s Secteur Suisse and Secteur Commun.

Business Class Lounge opened at Zurich Airport for travellers on oneworld member airlines. The new lounge is operated by careport AG, a joint venture of CGS and Swissport International.

CGS adopts a new organizational structure. Perry W. Jenning hands over the operational management of CGS Switzerland to Thomas Brodbeck. Andreas Berchtold joins the Management as Director Operations.

CGS takes over British Airways’ duty management at Zurich, Geneva and Basel airports.

CGS teams up with fellow ground handler Swissport to found careport AG, a joint venture providing the Special Assistance / careport service at Zurich Airport.

CGS extends its Special Assistance service to EuroAirport Basel.

CGS further expands its Zurich activities to introduce Special Assistance / careport, offering airport care and assistance for unaccompanied minors and persons with restricted mobility.

CGS Cargo Ground Service AG is sold.

CGS Customer Ground Service Basel AG is founded.

CGS acquires Interplan Aviation SA to add document checking to its service portfolio. The new acquisition is renamed CGS Customer Ground Service Genève SA, and expands the range of its activities.

CGS expands its product range to offer passenger services at Zurich Airport, including a new porter service.

Perry W. Jenning takes over the company’s overall management from his father, and puts a stronger focus on physical cargo handling.

Werner Jenning sees a niche in the airport services market and founds CGS Cargo Ground Service AG, which is domiciled at Zurich Airport.


Products and services for travellers

CGS: for any and every major airport need

Air tickets and hotels

The right ticket and the right hotel at the best possible price, for business or leisure travel
> more

Baggage and porter services

Pre-departure and post-arrival baggage assistance from CGS’s seasoned airport professionals
> more

Lounge reservations
(charter, Economy Class,
Business Class)

To get your trip off to a select and enjoyable start
> more

Personal assistance
(for unaccompanied minors,
older travellers or
those with reduced mobility)

Special care and attention for anyone who needs a little extra airport help
> more

Our airport services fees

To give you an idea of the costs involved, here’s a brief overview of our main service fees.
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CGS can draw on years of close contacts and collaborations with all its prime airport partners. And these excellent relations are a key ingredient in our smooth and seamless procedures and our outstanding service quality, in both the B2B and the B2C fields.

Products and services for businesses

CGS: for any and every major airport need

Supervision & Station management

We’ll be pleased to represent your airline on the ground in all operational matters.
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Billets / Service Clients

Our Service Desks at Zurich and Geneva airports are ideally located on the departures concourse.
> more

Temporary staff

Be it for short- or long-term assignments, CGS can provide its skilled professional staff.
> more

Quality surveys
(for airport partners)

Checks, comparisons, analyses and more, all offered by CGS’s service specialists
> more

Group bookings
(for travel agencies)

A “direct line” for special needs and prompt case handling
> more

Newspaper services
(providing and/or distributing publications)

Delivering and presenting publications: at the aircraft, in the lounges or in the dispensers at the gates
> more

Ground handling (in Basel)

As a neutral provider, CGS can offer all its customer airlines optimum operational support.
> more

Cabin cleaning

CGS provides perfectly-cleaned aircraft cabins for its customers in Basel.
> more

Lounge management

Single-source facilities, food & beverages and guest attendance and care, for airlines and further partners
> more

Airport advertising and sponsoring
(for companies)

Attractive promotional opportunities in the Business Class Lounges via dispensers, posters, video spots and more.
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Your local contacts, on the spot

CGS has a skilled and knowledgeable contact person at every one of its airport locations who is there to help you with your particular questions or any special wishes or needs:


+41 43 816 67 07


+41 22 717 85 76


+41 61 325 79 48


Efficient and customer-minded

CGS’s Management doesn’t just set the objectives and the strategy. It’s actively involved, too, in making it all happen within the company’s business units – in the midst of their daily work, and as close as possible to its airline customers and their passengers.

Thomas Brodbeck

Managing Director


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As company CEO Thomas Brodbeck is in overall charge of all of CGS’s units and activities. With his keen business mind and approach, Thomas ensures that CGS continues to offer the attractive services and innovative solutions which have delivered its consistent market success.

Andreas Berchtold

Director Operations


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As Director of Operations, Andreas Berchtold ensures that all of CGS’s services are delivered as efficiently as possible and to the highest quality levels. With his extensive experience and his proven leadership skills, Andreas is excellently equipped to meet and master the most demanding operational challenges.

Olivier J. Matthey

Head Northwestern Switzerland


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Olivier Matthey, Head Northwestern Switzerland and member of the Executive Management, is responsible for the Basel and Geneva stations. As an experienced, versatile and multilingual executive with many years of experience in aviation and in numerous cultures, he contributes significantly to the success of CGS.

René Sutter

CFO & Director of HR


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As CGS’s Chief Financial Officer, René Sutter is responsible for all the company’s financial affairs and is closely involved in all strategic issues. And as Director of HR, he also ensures that the interests and concerns of the company’s personnel are duly represented and reflected at the Management level.